A2 Hosting Review

Prices starting from:

$2.99 / mo.

Reg. Price $10.99 

  • Free domain name
  • CloudFlare Partner
  • Free site migration
  • Unlimited storage

About A2 Hosting

A quick look at the website of A2 Hosting reveals a company that prides itself on being user-friendly, developer-friendly, and cost-efficient. A2 Hosting offers a wide range of solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Their primary advantages include award-winning support and high-speed performance, along with a multitude of tools that help make website development easy and simple. a2 Hosting review takes a closer look at this hosting provider’s unique attributes.

A2 Hosting Review 2022 & Hosting Overview

Specifications Value
622 ms
24/7 support
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage Space
Free Site Migration
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Advantages of A2 Hosting

  1. Efficient Support– They have support staff in different languages ​​including English and Spanish, friendly and willing to help you with whatever you need, they handle a 24/7/365 service system through channels such as live chat, phone calls (depending on country in which you find yourself), email, Skype and even through the customer portal.
  2. Reliable– Since they guarantee an uptime of 99.99% they give you the peace of mind that your website will always be online.
  3. Fast– Their loading times are extremely fast, thus preventing the client from leaving the web and strengthening their SEO.
  4. Restore the web to a previous point– Thanks to its roll-back tool of the site, it allows the web restoration to the configuration of an earlier date in a few clicks. This is very useful if for example if you have mistakenly damaged the template of your website.
  5. Unlimited storage– They are generous with storage in each of their plans.
  6. Unlimited transfer– I like the idea of ​​having unlimited transfer for my websites, especially on peak dates when I have more visits to my page.

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A2 Hosting Prices & Hosting Plans

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Pros & Cons of Using A2 Hosting


  • CloudFlare Partner
  • Unlimited transfer and free site migration
  • SSD servers up to 20 times faster
  • Free automatic daily backups and Server Rewind tool
  • Money back guarantee at any time


  • High Premium Plans
  • Only the Turbo plan comes with faster 20x turbo servers and A2 Site Accelerator
  • Restrictions on Cheaper Plans

A2 Web Hosting Reviews

Your choice of web hosting determines whether or not you will be successful in your online endeavors. That’s why it is vital to get a hosting service that is not only reliable but also fast. Let’s dig a little deeper in our a2 web hosting review.

A2 hosting has established itself as a fast and reliable hosting service for businesses. They have been gradually making a name in the web hosting niche, with their main selling point being speed and reliability.

In fact, the company claims that its servers are 20X faster than those of its competitors. Not to mention that they have stellar customer care as well.

But is it a great hosting company, especially with their shared hosting plans starting as low as \$2.99 and VPS at \$5.00?

Well, our detailed review covers all the details you need to know about this hosting company.

A Brief Overview of A2 Hosting

Formerly known as Iniquinet, this web hosting was launched in 2001. It got its name from its location, Ann Arbor (A2), Michigan.

This hosting company has never been afraid to embrace the latest technology, and this has enabled it to expand and grow massively in recent years.

For example, it became the first web hosting provider to support PHP5 in 2004. What’s more? In 2013, they adopted the use of SSD hosting to increase their server speeds. This enabled them to stand out in the shared hosting niche.

Whether you are getting started in online marketing or you want to change web hosting providers, A2 Hosting is worth consideration.

Let’s now discuss the pros and cons of choosing A2 Hosting.

Pros of A2 Web Hosting

  • Reliable Uptime Guarantee and Fast Servers

A hosting company is majorly judged by two factors- speed and reliability. No matter the niche you are in, you will want your website to be online all the time.

A2 hosting promises to make your site available 99.99% of the time, and most of the reviews posted by its customers can confirm this.

One reason the A2 web hosting provider has been able to maintain this commendable uptime is that it limits users on its shared hosting servers. This means that their servers’ resources are not overly exploited and thus do not experience frequent downtimes that are often caused by spikes in traffic.

In addition, the use of cache to store information of browsers means that servers’ resources are not used by a previous visitor coming to your site. In other words, once a visitor comes to your site, some resources they accessed are stored in their browser’s cache, which means your web pages will load fast.

Overall, in terms of website speed and performance, A2 Hosting is a great web hosting provider. Therefore, if your priority is site speed, then A2 is a great option to go for.

  • Free Site Migration

If you would like to transfer your site from your current hosting to A2 hosting, then A2 hosting has got you covered as it allows you to move your site resources to its servers for free.

For shared plans, you are only given an opportunity to transfer one site to A2 servers while dedicated servers, reseller plans, and VPS provide for up to 25 free site migration. To transfer your site to A2, the A2 hosting team will have to access your cPanel.

  • Stellar Customer Support

The A2 hosting provider has been praised for having great customer support services. They use an in-house team, which means they are knowledgeable and always willing to help.

Whether you have a technical issue or a basic question, the support team is more than capable of handling it. And even if you are a developer, the A2 hosting team can help you with advanced technical issues.

You can get to the support team via phone calls, emails, chat, or submit a ticket on their website. All these avenues have an impressive response time.

  • Great Defense Mechanism and Security

A2 hosting data centers are SSAE16 certified and thus have met all the security standards required of a data center. What’s more? There is a server reverse backup warehouse allowing you to recover data from saved account backups.

In addition, A2 hosting offers many security tools such as HackScan to protect your site from Malware attacks. These tools run 24/7 to keep your site safe from hackers.

Also, they have a web hosting firewall and a virus scanner to keep your site data safe. All these security measures are installed and managed by A2, and thus you don’t have to get involved on your site. You can rest assured that your site security is taken care of in the background.

Other Pros of hosting with A2 Hosting include:

  • Newbie-friendly cPanel

If you are a developer, A2 offers plenty of tools that can be of great help to you. These include integration with major CMS, web builder, compatibility with Cloudflare CDN, and plans suitable for developers such as unmanaged VPS plans, dedicated servers, and reseller plans.

Cons of Using A2 Hosting

On the flip side, here are the downside to expect when hosting with A2 hosting;

  • High renewal pricing- A2 hosting has attractive first rates, but their renewal pricing is quite high. If you would like to enjoy low rates, go for the 3-year contract
  • The Lite plan has limitations, including speed limits

Now that we have discussed the two sides of A2 hosting, let’s talk about the various hosting plans it offers.

A2 Web Hosting Plans

A2 offers four different hosting plans, including;

Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting has three shared hosting plans, including Lite ($2.97), Swift ($3.70), and Turbo ($7.03). The Lite shared plan is quite limiting, which is why we would recommend that you go for the Swift plan or Turbo plan. These shared plans offer free site migration, free SSL, unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, and great reliability in terms of performance.

VPS Hosting

The A2 hosting virtual private server is ideal for websites that need more resources than those in shared hosting. A2 Hosting offers both managed and unmanaged VPS plans, with the latter being better for pro developers who want to alter access to their virtual servers. In unmanaged VPS plans, you can select the resources, RAM, and storage.

Reseller Hosting

This is the best option for developers, designers, and agencies that want to sell hosting plans. A2 Hosting offers three reseller plans, including Bronze ($9.80), Silver ($18.13), and Platinum ($30.38).

Dedicated Hosting

This hosting plan is reserved for sites that receive high traffic volume and thus not ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It is great for large eCom stores that need dedicated server resources such as CPU output, storage, RAM, and bandwidth.

A2 hosting dedicated hosting plans includes Unmanaged Flex Server ($99.59), Discount SSD Server ($129.30), Managed Flex Server ($141.09), and Core Flex Server ($141.09).

A2 Web Hosting Review

Overall, A2 hosting is a reliable hosting provider for both beginners and developers alike. This web hosting boasts of high performance and speeds.

Whether you are getting started in online marketing or you want to switch to a more reliable provider, then A2 Hosting is a great choice.

Although this hosting service doesn’t provide a free trial, it has a money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free investment.

Summary of our A2 hosting 

When it comes to web hosting, many people assume that A2 Hosting offers cheap hosting solutions. They may be right. The website design is excellent and the technical support provided is prompt and efficient. However, there are a number of other aspects that will make a huge difference when it comes to the quality of your website hosting, and the most important among these is your customer service.

Excellent customer support

You can always get a refund within the first thirty days of signing up with an account, and a discounted refund in any case after this. This hugely sets A2 Hosting aside from its competition.

With a ticketing system, if you have a problem with your site, you don’t have to call the company back, and you don’t have to wait for their response to your email. If you have a problem, you just go into the Customer Support Center and chat with a live representative – no more waiting for your email to come through, no more browsing the website, no more phoning the customer support center… and no more hassle.

Your problem will be fixed as soon as possible, with no hassle, and no need to contact the customer support company again.

Reliable hosting service

One of the things that customers like about A2 Hosting is that they offer a fully functional, reliable, and trustworthy dedicated VPS reseller account.

For a small price, you can be assured that you are getting a great deal from a company that knows what it’s doing. In addition, you will receive round-the-clock technical support, so no matter what happens, you will always be able to get help when you need it.

This guarantee is something that is not available with most hosting companies, so you should definitely take a look at A2 Hosting when it comes to reliability and quality of service.

Choose a shared hosting plan with good bandwidth capacity: bandwidth is a very important factor when it comes to high-traffic websites. A lot of people worry about the speed at which their site loads on their server, but if you’re concerned about this then you definitely need a reliable and good quality shared hosting plan. You don’t want to wait months to upgrade to a larger bandwidth capacity just because your site goes down every now and then – you don’t want to do that, right?

Great customer support from the moment you sign up: If you have any problems with your hosting server or the website itself, you will know how important it is to talk to a live representative.

The aim of a web hosting company is to provide excellent support, after all, this is what keeps their clients coming back. With A2 Hosting, you will never worry about not being able to get the help you need, even if you’re using a free SSL certificate.

You can use a free SSL certificate if you sign up for a hosting plan with a reseller company like HostGator, as most resellers offer one. In addition, they will help you upgrade to a bigger plan at a later time.

Great uptime promise

Since A2 Hosting has an in-house team of more than a hundred developers, you know that your website will be constantly updated with security patches and other upgrades.

You also know that you won’t be waited on by a team of unreliable developers. With a reliable web hosting provider, you will never have to worry about downtime or security vulnerabilities.

With a free SSL certificate, no company in the world can claim that they can provide you with a top-notch security and reliability record.

Great uptime promise: Since everything is controlled by a dedicated team of professionals, you will never have to worry about your web host crashing anytime. A professional web host offers round-the-clock technical support and you would never have to worry about your website ever getting lost from behind.

With a two-week customer support plan, you will never have to waste time waiting on a developer to solve a technical problem. With a ten-day free trial, you get to test the customer support team’s responsiveness. A good web host would also offer a twenty-four-hour customer support line.

Reliable uptime and security guarantee

A lot of hosting providers offer a money-back promise but only a handful of them actually stick to their promise.

A better idea is to go with a provider that offers a full refund if your site is not live twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A good web host would also offer a money-back guarantee on the first thirty days if you discover that your website is not operating normally.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a lot of people prefer A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Web Hosting Review: Would We Recommend It?

A2 Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime in their terms of service. This is a great start, A site needs a fast and reliable web presence, and A2 Hosting is the leader in helping small business owners create that presence.

One of the major advantages of A2 hosting is the quality of its customer support. Support staff from A2 are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with any problems you encounter while conducting your website activities.

Your servers are maintained by experienced professionals who make sure to regularly upgrade your software and eliminate potential problems. A good hosting company will also regularly provide outages and provide free upgrades for their software.

Another major advantage of A2 hosting plans is their extensive technical support. Because many WordPress themes require extensive programming knowledge, it can be difficult for a non-technical person to understand how to implement them.

A dedicated A2 hosting provider will make it easy for you to install your WordPress blog and provide excellent server rewind backups.

Yes, we would recommend A2 Hosting for your website hosting.

A2 Hosting Alternatives

You will have everything you need with A2 Hosting but here are some other a2 hosting alternatives which we think you might like. 

A2 Hosting Reviews – Customer Reviews

Take a look at the A2 hosting reviews on Trustpilot. Over 1,000 customer reviews with a rating of great from existing customers. We hope you enjoyed our A2 hosting review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bryan Muthig is the current owner of A2 hosting. Many people believe that A2 hosting is owned by Endurance, which it is not. 

In short, yes A2 hosting is a very good website hosting company. Great support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

A2 Hosting is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the united states. They currently have a vast amount of server locations across the world. From United States to Australia 

You can get web hosting with A2 hosting starting at just $2.99 per month for shared hosting. 

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