What is the Difference Between Host and Server?

What is the Difference Between Host and Server?

Most of the time we are provided with a choice between host and server for our website hosting needs. The basic difference between host and server is that host acts as a web host to your website or server provides you web space on their server. If you need more storage, database, and bandwidth that a host will provide you then a dedicated server may be the answer for your needs.


In order to understand the difference between host and server, you must first understand the basics of how websites work. When a client wants to access a website host, this is where the host will send the request to the database for the information needed for the website. When the user types in an address into their browser and hits the host or website, the host then returns an index page to determine if there is information available for the requested page.

Difference Between Host and Server


Hosting is nothing but renting out space on a server for use by websites. They do not own the entire server, which is kept on their premises or rented out from a host provider. The web host is responsible for providing storage, Internet access, and network connectivity for any web based applications on the host’s provided web space. A person using a host will typically have their own name registered with the host provider, which is part of the agreement of service. This name belongs to the web host and is attached to the website as a resource.


The actual web host provider is the web site owner that allows you to host your website with them. They will take care of all of the technical stuff such as backup and security, which ensures that your site is not down at all times. They will also provide you with the web space on their servers. They usually charge you an amount per month for the amount of space you utilize within their servers.


In addition to providing storage, they may also offer hosting services such as allowing you to create, upload, and modify your website’s files. Although these features are generally included in the web host provider’s package, some will include these additional services for free. If the host provider offers free domain names, then you will need to purchase a host certificate. This certificate will allow you to register your website with them and they will be able to handle all the DNS issues associated with a name you have purchased. You can purchase these certificates over the internet for a very affordable cost.


A hypertext transfer protocol server (HTT), is basically a computer that acts like a web browser. These servers will host all of your website’s files so that they can be accessed by the public. The web host provider has control of the physical facilities that make up the server, including the hardware, routing equipment, network wiring, and so forth. You will be able to obtain a complete package from most host providers. If you need to upgrade the server technology, you will have to pay additional fees. There is a wide range of prices for this type of service, but it will depend on how much space you need to store your data and which server provider you use.


Some companies will use a virtual private server instead of a dedicated server. This is a good choice for people who only need a small amount of storage space or if you have very little technical experience. With a virtual private server, the company you choose will take care of the hardware, routing equipment, etc. While you will still be able to control certain aspects of the server, like controlling the software and the operating system, you will not be responsible for maintaining the hardware. Many companies that use this option also prefer to use a virtual hosting service rather than hiring their own employees.


Dedicated hosting is the more popular choice, and it is typically offered by a host provider that sells a business bandwidth at a large rate. This type of hosting allows an individual or small business to have their own web hosting account with the option to hire their own server administrators. The cost of dedicated hosting is generally faster than the other types, so most people choose to go with a dedicated web hosting rather than host providers that offer the latter option. It is usually less expensive as well.

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